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Global Privacy law links

General Data Protection Regulation - this is not the official govt. regulation page, but it's a great, well-organized page that cross-references the articles with applicable recitals. It's a great resource if you're working toward or maintaining GDPR compliance.

International Association of Privacy Professionals - the IAPP is a professional certification group that also provides tons of great resources. If you're trying to figure out how to apply a certain privacy law to your business, this is a great place to start.

Baker McKenzie Global Data Privacy and Security Handbook - each year this law firm publishes a global privacy law handbook, with lots of great resources and summaries. This is their handbook that helps you compare the laws of different jurisdictions.

Morrison Foerster Privacy Library - this site is a library of applicable privacy laws by jurisdiction. Though they don't have much guidance on any particular set of laws, this resource will help you understand the laws that apply in a given jurisdiction and the resource includes either links or pdfs of those laws.